PH Balance Collection

The benefits of a mask and the finishing of a conditioner in a single product.

Used to finish chemical processes, such as: highlights, coloring, keratin and relaxing treatments, or any external action that leaves hair dry with a high pH. It creates a protective layer, improves nutrient absorption, and color durability.

With the use of PH Balance in the end of the coloring process, your customers will have up to 3 more weeks of vibrant tones and hair shine.

PH Balance

PH Balance

Key Ingredients

Noble Silicones, Macadamia Oil, Collagen.


Phytoca pH Balance is a nourishing acidifier suitable for use after chemical processes that modify the original pH of the hair (highlights, hair coloring and straightening).

With Phytoca pH Balance, your client will have up to 3 more weeks of durability and shine of hair color.

How to use: Apply to clean and damp hair. Distribute from mid-lengths to ends. Leave in for 4 to 5 minutes. Detangle hair with a brush or comb. Rinse carefully.

Sizes and Applications

33.8 oz and 15.87 oz

Approximately 60 Applications (33.8 oz).

Approximately 25 Applications (15.87 oz).

  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free


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